Baby Stroller Umbrella

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Are you looking for protection and safety of your babies? Then you have the right item! 

This  Baby Stroller Umbrella is perfect for keeping babies and infants protected from cold winds in winter and the scotching hot sun during the summer months.

This useful umbrella protect your babies from the harmful elements outside your home. 

This product is very easy to attach in any side of ; wheel chair, stroller, walker, deck chair or scooter and it has a simple base clamp attached with a flexible arm that allows for all angle and position.

This is designed for safety and protection against the rain or sun. Perfect if you walk your baby outside your home. 



  • Type: Umbrella
  • Material: :Silver tape/Plastic/Metal
  • Size 66x77cm
  • Color:Red/Blue/Black/Orange
  • Package included: 1 x baby strollers Umbrella
  • Includes simple base clamp
  • Flexible arm allows for all angle and positions 
  • Product includes 1x Baby Stroller Umbrella







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