BBQ Fire Starter Air Blower

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What a terrible beginning, isn't it? Are you still blowing your BBQ fire with mouth? Or perhaps your hands are getting tired from waving the fan continuously?

Stop that dangerous and tiring practice. With this small and convenient BBQ Fire Starter Air Blower there is no need to get nervous about your next barbecue outing with friends and family!

With this amazing blower, you'll be starting a fire like a pro and keeping it going will be a "breeze"! Throw away your paper fans and old junk mail and newspapers, start the fire with style and elegance, best of all, you can give your arms a rest!

This compact gadget can be easily stored in your backpack or handbag thanks to its slimline and light weight design. Easily carry it around.

Use this handy tool to start a fire and keep it going to cook all your barbecue yummies! This fan blower is a must-have for every barbecue party, camping or outdoor adventures!


How To Use: 

1. Turn the handle round & round

2. Watch the air come through the nozzle at the other hand

3. Keep turning until the desired amount of airflow is achieved

4. Voila!



This fire starter fan has a number of uses both indoors and outdoors. Use it with your charcoal grill, fire pit, fireplace, wood stove, smoker, campfire, ceramic cooker, and kamado-style cooker. 



  • 100% Brand new and high quality
  • Size: 25cm * 8cm 
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Premium plastic
  • No battery required



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