Miracle Blue Light Acne Pen

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Acne breakouts causing you pain and scarring? Want to clear your skin without harsh chemicals?

This Blue Light Acne Therapy Pen is made for you!

Acne breakouts are painful, cause scarring and lower our self-esteem. Harsh chemical peels and astringent face washes often inflame the skin further, whilst makeup clogs pores creating more blemishes.

Tackle the causes of acne without harsh chemicals, painful peels, or hormones- just  blue light!

The Blue Light Acne Therapy Pen targets the oil and sebum which cause acne. The BIO micro electric current stay at a constant 42 degrees, which stimulates lymph detoxification, kills bacteria and reduces the time pimples take to heal.

Blue light is proven to kill bacteria that builds up in skin and pores, therefore getting to the root of your acne rather than just managing breakouts.

Perfect for mature, sensitive or acne prone skin, the Blue Light Acne Therapy Pen promotes collagen production which reduces fine lines, wrinkles as well as shrinking pores.

Focus the light on problem areas to reduce breakouts and soothe redness. The Blue Light Acne Therapy Pen allows you to target stubborn spots and clogged pores.

Overall skin tone is dramatically improved through reduction in blemishes, redness and smoothing texture. Lymph metabolism is sped up therefore increasing drainage from blocked pores.

Treat acne breakouts and improve skin tone without irritating your skin with the Blue Light Acne Therapy Pen.

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