Boyfriend Pillow

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" This is really comfortable! I thought it was funny when I saw an AD on Facebook but it turned out to be really helpful! Actually feels exactly like how my boyfriend(Ex) used to hug me. " 

- Antwan Graham , Canada



Grab your Discounted Boyfriend Pillow while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 1000 unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $49.90 USD.

Out of ideas for Christmas? Then you're at the perfect place! This Boyfriend Pillow does not only bring laughter to the table but is actually really comfortable! You need to try it!


  • A HILARIOUS GAG GIFT for crazy ladies, single women, and men, which will have everyone in the room chuckling.
  • A REAL-LOOKING ARM doesn't just hint at the idea of a boyfriend pillow but makes it so no one could easily miss the joke.
  • A UNIQUE GAG GIFT people have not seen before, so it has a great shock factor for humor.
  • A FRIENDLY GIFT that won't hurt anyone's feelings due to the harmless and non-offensive nature of the pillow.
  • YOU CAN ACTUALLY USE the pillow once the laughs are over. In some ways, the cozy nature of the pillow that you can adjust however you want actually is better than a boyfriend, so you may want one for yourself!


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