Hand Grip Trainer

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Having a strong grip is essential in many parts of our life. Whether you're an arm wrestler, rock climbing, baseball player, basketballer, boxer, MMA fighter or maybe you're just trying to strengthen your grip to be able to carry more groceries, this will come in handy. 

With it's small yet strong nature, it is perfect for bringing it everywhere you go. Whether you're in the gym, at the supermarket or just walking on the streets, you can get a quick finger workout while having fun.

Because of it's round and squishy texture, it also acts as a stress reliever. Fear not if you're having a bad day... Just grab one of this Hand Grip Trainer and squeeze your way out of stress!



Ideally you want to use it everyday for at least 4 sets of 15 repetitions. Take 1-3 minutes break in between and play around with the way you want to squeeze it to gain strength in different areas. 


Crushing Place the Hand Gripper in the palm of your hand. Use the base of your palm and the middle of your fingers to exert force inwards – a crushing action. More resistance should be felt the further you crush the Hand Gripper. This grip-training method exercises predominantly the forearm muscles for increased arm strength in throwing and pushing actions. This will benefit sports such as tennis, football, gymnastics, golf, hockey, rugby, rowing, car racing, fishing and baseball.



Pinching Hold the Hand Gripper with the tips of your fingers. Squeeze the Hand Gripper with a pinching action. You may intensify this exercise by using just two or three fingers. This exercise will be relatively harder compared to the Crushing and Extension grip-training techniques. This grip-training method exercises predominantly the finger muscles for increased dexterity and precision. This will benefit sports such as rock-climbing, archery, crossfit, basketball, volleyball, cricket, shooting, gaming and piano.


Isometric Training - Place the Hand Gripper on the base of your palm and wrap one of your finger on top of it. Squeeze it as hard as you can repeat it for several times. This will help you build a world-class grip in your fingers. Perfect for arm wrestlers. 



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