High Altitude Training Mask

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This specially made High-Altitude Training Mask will give you the unfair advantage you need in your workouts. 

Oftentimes the only thing that separates someone who is really fit from someone who is getting in shape is how much work they can do and tolerate during an exercise session.

The more work you're capable of doing, the more closer you will be to hitting all your fitness goals whether it is achieving the fully defined six-packed abs or maybe just getting stronger or even better in your sport.

The High Altitude Training Mask will take your stamina, endurance and workout capacity to a whole new realm. With the improved physical capabilities, getting extremely ripped and strong is almost guaranteed to happen. 




Physical training is what people do to get stronger, faster, and fitter whether it be with weights, friction, tension, etc.

The High Altitude Training Mask is engineered to apply variable levels of load to the respiratory muscles by controlling air flow pass through.

This increases tension on the breathing muscles which makes them stronger and more efficient. With the increased respiratory efficiency, achieving your fitness and strength goals is almost a piece of cake.

Using the High Altitude Training Mask in your workouts will decrease the impact of fatigue in your training sessions by increasing your threshold potential, activity strength at exhaustion, and stamina. 

This allows you to reach your goals a tad faster than your peers without the extra viscous advantage.



The special High Altitude Training Mask allows you to fully customize your workouts to your level of fitness by giving you access to 6 unique breathing intensities at the turn of a dial. Just click, breathe and train.   


  1. Adjust the dial to your preferred level of intensity
  2. Apply the mask to your face over your nose and mouth
  3. Fasten the mask around your head using the velcro
  4. Train hard!


You can use it during any physical activity to get the extra edge in training to crush your competition.


Package Includes:

  • 1* Package Box
  • 1* Training Mask
  • 1* FREE Wristband
  • 1* Portable Bag
  • 1* Instructions




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