Outdoor Solar Shower Bag

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Going on road trips and living in a van is fun... until you realise you stink and can't find a place to shower for days. 

If you love being outdoors and exploring hard to reach destinations, showers can be few and far between. Even if you find a place to shower, chances are the water is dirty and ice cold. 


Luckily, for the next outdoor trip you no longer have to worry about smelling bad or freezing in the shower. This shower bag is powered by the sun, so you just need to fill it up with water for it to start heating up. 

You can also use water from reservoirs or canals as the solar energy will heat it up, killing bacterias and cleansing the water. However it is recommended to use clean water from home.

The heat process starts immediately after you expose the bag to sunlight. After the water heats up to your preferred temperature (normally about 30-45 minutes) you can keep it away from the sun and expose it to sun again if needed.

Because of it's unique design, carrying it around is extremely easy. After you're done using, simply let the unused water flow out then fold and store it.

For just $29.95, you will be able to finally shower outdoors without freezing to death! 


  • Can be used for showering, washing your car, pets and gears
  • At full tank (40L) it can last for days 
  • Powered by the sun, which ensures warm & clean water
  • It can turn water from 59ºF up to 113ºF (Depending on intensity of the sun)


UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention, we're running extremely low on these.









Color: Black

Package weight: 0.597 kg


Package List:
1 * Solar Shower Bag
1 * Shower Pipe 
1 * Hanging Nylon Cord with a Hook



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