Pet lice Remover Bath Comb Glove

$21.58 $34.25

Type: Dogs
Material: Plastic
Model Number: WM-cws001
Material: silicone
Material 2: silicone nylon+PVC
Weight: 360g
Type: dogs,cats
Glove size: 22cm*15cm
Feature 1: pet grooming glove with water pipe
Feature 2: pet bath/massage brush
Feature 4: water pipe design for easy flushing
Feature 5: good flexibility and elasticity does not hurt pet skin.
Type 1: pet hair glove
Type 2: cat hair glove/dog hair glove
Type 3: dog brush/cat brush
Type 4: dog grooming/cat grooming
Type 5: pet brush glove
Name 1: silicone glove/silicone pet brush
Name 2: dog comb/cat comb/pet comb
Name 3: pet brush glove
Name 4: grooming glove
Name 5: pet bath gloves/dog bath comb
Name 6: pet comb/cat comb/dog comb
Name 7: deshedding glove/Cleaning gloves
Name 8: dog gloves
Use 1: pet shedding grooming gloves
Use 2: pet hair cleaner/pet hair remover brush
Use 3: glove for cats/dogs
Use 4: pet hair brush/pet hair remover
Use 5: dog bath brush glove
Use 6: lice remover
Use 7: dog brush
Use 8: pet brush
Use 9: pet wash
Item 1: pet cleaning brush glove
Item 2: pet deshedding glove/dog deshedding glove
Item 3: lice comb/flea comb
Pipe length: 2.5m
Wholesale: support

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