Power floss Dental Water Jet


1.Quick and easy: just fill with water, point and press to power away plaque causing debris

2.No battery and power included

3.Air infusion technology uses air and water to gently remove plaque causing debris

4.Ergonomic design and low profile tip easily reach back teeth

5.Perfect for keeping braces and other dental work clean

6.You can also fill with mouthwash to freshen as you floss

YAS Mini Oral Irrigator

*Mini compact design with strong power

*120ml high-capacity

*One button easy operation

*0.6mm water column, proprietary spray-head

*Convenience to use, energy-saving

*Economical oral cleaning

*ABS material, safe for health

*CE, ROHS, FCC certification

*Compact design, easy to carry

*Unique Power Unit without battery or electric





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