Remote Control Air Shark & Clown Fish

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" We bought this flying fish for our kid and first of all, let me say that virtually everyone's first reaction upon seeing it is to yell out a four-letter word! Wow, it really flies! You move forward by flapping the tail back and forth. You steer by flapping more left or more right. You climb and dive with a separate button that tips the shark up or down. With a bit of practice, you can steer wherever you want. Unlike many flying toys, this one really works. " 

- David Camero 



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In todays modern age of technology kids are hardly social anymore.

At every family function, the little ones are simply gazing down into their tablets and smart phones. 

It's the sad reality of the modern age, but it doesn't have to be.

You can give your kids the fun you know they deserve with this brand new remote controlled "Air Shark & Clown Fish".

Specially designed to be incredibly fun with very little effortthis RC shark is guaranteed to be great fun for the whole family. 

At such an affordable price, you can easily grab a few of those and have them flying around the entire house in no time at all. 

The balloons are filled with helium, and have a tiny opening compartment so you can let out or put in some air whenever you want to use them again.

But the thing that makes this great is the little device on the bottom of the shark that allows you to control the entire thing.

With the use of the tiny handheld remote control you can fly this thin with incredible ease.

The remote fits comfortably in your hands and the high-quality buttons feel very good underneath your fingertips.

The controls are so easy to manage that there is no age restriction on this thing. The smallest kids can have these up in the air in the blink of an eye.

Once you start flying these sharks around your living room, you'll instantly notice how smooth they can fly and how many laughs they create when they bump into one another. 

Get yours and get the party started the next time your family comes over. 


  • An incredibly fun remote control shark that you and your family can fly around the entire house, ensuring every single on of you with a night of laughs and happiness.
  • Made with high-quality durable materials that absorb any kind of impact. Watch as the shark simply bounces off the walls and carries on like nothing happened.
  • Once filled with helium the balloon can stay inflated and ready to go for up to 2 weeksYou're also always able to refill whenever you need some extra air.
  • Great fun for the office, family get-togethers, and even kids parties.

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