Salon Hair Steam Straightener

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The moist heat also encourages blood flow to circulate, promoting hair growth too! The steam lifts the hair cuticle allowing your treatments to penetrate deeply into the hair shaft helping to heal damaged hair.


Designed with an upgraded adjustable steam outlet, the Salon Hair Steam Straightener releases steam within 60 seconds’ heating.  1-2 drops Argan oil mixed inside achieves extra celestial shine, perfect for silky treatment. 


  • FOR INNOVATION: A perfect infusion of nano ceramic and ionized tourmaline, plus the floating function in plates, the steam iron smoothly glides through hair at ease, taming the thick & coarse hair and killing the problematic hair such as frizzy hair and split ends.
  • 2 IN 1 PRO TOOL: Ergonomic design with cool tips easily  straightens curly hair and creates charming waves. 1.25 inch perfect width gets the job handy and efficient.
  • SMART FEATURES: High-end rubber matte surface for cozy holding, worldwide dual voltage appliance, removable water tank for easy refills, 60MIN auto shut off, 360° swivel salon grade cord and lockable plates for traveling.



Benefits of a Steam Flat Iron

Easy Straightening – considered to be the top reason anyone chooses a professional flat iron is for the quick and easy results. We want the best results in the shortest amount of time and a steam flat iron can most definitely provide you with both. Steam straightening is designed to use moisture to help relax and straighten the hair while simultaneously flat ironing it. This can be beneficial to those who have extremely coarse and/or super tight curls.


Less Damaging – when using any type of heated styling tool you are putting your hair at risk of damage. How we lessen this damage is by choosing hair tools with the proper features such as ceramic, tourmaline and ionic technology as well as prepping our hair for heat with hair care products designed to protect and nourish. Another key component to avoiding damage is proper use of your flat iron. So while a steam hair straightener can prevent unnecessary damage to your hair,  this is with proper use. When we flat iron our hair, be it with or without steam, the importance is that we only need to go over each section of hair one time as repeatedly flat ironing the same section is only going to cause stress and damage. Another important factor is learning the correct pace in which to pull the flat iron down the section of hair. Too fast and you won’t get the best results, too slow and you risk burning your hair.


Smooth, Shiny Results – the overall results of using a steam hair iron are smooth, shiny locks. Those who suffer from severely dry, coarse and dull hair will benefit from using a steam iron as it can help to add moisture to the hair giving it a softer, healthier appearance.


    • 1* ReoPro™ Steam Styler
    • 1* Argan Oil Treatment Injection Bottle
    • 1* Operating Instruction Manual.



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