Self Body Massage Tool

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Ever had somewhere in your body where you're dying to massage but just out of reach? Isn't that frustrating?

This Self Body Massage Tool lets you have a stimulating and soothing massage on your sore or pain muscles whenever, wherever you want! 

With it's featherweight yet tenacious material, you can bring it everywhere with you for a relaxing massage whenever you feel like it. 

it also comes with up to 9 knobs. These therapy knobs applies pressure which you can control to treat sore and aching muscles.


It works by applying pressure towards the targeted muscles, which maximizes the flow of oxygenated blood.

This pressure aids in restoring muscular function by breaking up adhesion in muscle fibers.

The oval ball can press on the whole body strongly, and the round knob balls like the thumb of a massage therapist, which will allows you to enjoy endless comfort.

The round and smooth design is comfortable to use and can glide easily on your muscles. 

It is designed to be extremely easy to use. Just hook the Self Body Massage Tool against yourself so the therapy knob touches the affected muscle and push so it creates pressure.

This delivers a targeted massage that will relieve sore muscles. You will NEVER need to visit the massage therapist ever again...



  • Reach and massage hard-to-reach muscles quickly and effectively
  • Natural “S” shape designed to reach every single part of the body
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Created from years of feedback from massage therapists, chiropractors, and physical therapists
  • Easy to use and extremely effective



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