Solar-Powered LED Lantern Charger

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Lanterns are cool... but what about a solar powered lantern that enables you to charge your mobile devices? Isn't this amazing?

With the Solar-Powered LED Lantern Charger, you will never run out of fuel ever again as long as there is sun. This way you're able to charge during the day and bring it out at night!

Apart from being able to shine very brightly, you can also use it as a portable powerbank. You no longer need to be frustrated about having not enough battery on your torch light or your phone...

On top of being able to light up your tent, using it to read a book during the dark, paving your way when hiking in the dark, you are also doing good for mother nature. 

The solar powered mechanism means it is also 100% environmental-friendly.


How To Charge

  1. Leave it outside the Sunlight during the day
  2. Once fully charged, the battery will last up to 3 hours of continuous usage
  3. Enjoy!




  • Special Built-in Battery: 1800mAh (For Charging Your Devices)
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Body Material: Aluminium
  • Size: 8 x 9.7 x 13cm (18.5 when pulled out) 

Package included:

1 X Solar camping lamp
1 X Charger cable



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