Tactical Survival Laser

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Are you a survivalist? Then you definitely need to check this out. Our Tactical Survival Laser is able to penetrate paper, start a fire, reach up to 8000m and so much more!

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 You can’t buy this laser technology at your local hardware store. We use the latest 2017 high power emitters to keep you ahead of the pack with advanced laser technology!


Lasers are useful in many ways. The directionality of laser light allows it to travel great distances and remain intense. It can be focused to drill holes or weld metal.


Whether you’re weekend warrior always planning your next camping trip or a big hiker, you probably know that preparing for the unknown and unexpected is paramount to maintaining peace of mind while on your outdoor adventures.


Though it’s not recommended to embark on such hiking or camping trips, we know that there are lone wolves out there. Keeping a high powered laser pointer on hand is a great way to signal for help and be seen from miles away.



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