Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser And Humidifier

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Waterfall of magical vapor! 
With a dimmed yellow light it gives off the perfect ambience.
  • The latest ultrasonic atomization technology
  • Your room will be filled with the wonderful scent of Lavender (Or any scent you choose)
  • Just put Essential oil drops into the water
  • You can also use this as a humidifier
  • It's perfect for one room and is also portable
  • You will get many compliments

The product spray amount based on the following 3 point:
  • Please make sure use the output power more than 5V 1A adapter or plug in the power output equivalent to a computer USB port.
  • Please make sure note that use water line ,do not higher than the water level and below the minimum level .
  • Please make sure you add is pure water.
  • Please do not use the humidifier when there is not enough water in the tank.
  • Only 100% pure nature essential oils are applicable .Too many chemical and aromatic substances or impurities may cause damage to the product.It is 
  • recommended to use maximum 2 to 3 drops of essential oil at a time. Excessive amount may also damage to humidifier .

Thick high quality plastic, Powered by USB, Water Capacity: 95ml

Package content:
Humidifier, Instruction Manual, USB Cable

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