VIBRANT GLAMOUR Eye Cream Peptide Collagen Serum Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Age Remover Dark Circles Eye Care Against Puffiness And Bags

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Gender: Female
NET WT: 20g
Item Type: Cream
Certificate Number: 2019009303
Ingredient: Hyaluronic Acid,Argireline ,collagen
Use: Eye
Model Number: VG-YB004
Feature: Anti-Aging
Feature: Moisturizing
Feature: Anti-Puffiness
Feature: Dark Circle
Country/Region of Manufacture: China
Certification: GZZZ
Product Name: Argireline collagen eye cream,Eye cream,eye essence
Functions: To remove wrinkle,Moisturizing eye essence,Anti Puffiness
Advantage: Anti wrinkle anti age,best anti aging eye cream
Effect: Anti-Puffiness,improve wrinkles,dark circles
Suitable Age: Unlimited ,eye care,Hyaluronic Acid
Suitable for: Beauty Skin Care,improve eye dryness,Eye soothing
Item Type: Suitable for various skin types,Delicate and tender,Moisturizing cream
Use for eye: Wrinkle remover essence for eye,Beauty Skin Care
Quality Inspection: Qualified,cream,eye bags removal
Expiration Date: 24 months ,Plant extracts Ingredient,nutrition


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 [ Main components ] Hydrogenated polydecene, Carnosine, Acetyl  hexapeptide-8, Yeast fermentation lysate filtrate,Cyclomethicone, Twenty carbon six Alkenoic acid,Oligopeptide-1, Hexapeptide-1, Tocopherylacetate, Retinyl acetate, Aloe Vera leaf extract,Octadecenedioic acid, Aescin. behenyl alcohol,Glucosyl hesperidin, Oatmeal extract, Citrus peelextract, ß-glucan, hydrolyzed salmon skin proteinbisabolol, tocopherol (vitamin E), Sodiumhyaluronate. phenoxyethanol .

[ Main efficacy ]  Silky texture gives dewy feeling when smeared and non-sticky after application. Easy to absorb and locksin moisture for long time. Fade crepiness and makeeye skin delicate, firm and elastic. Reduce formationof microgrooves, delay skin aging, resist expressionwrinkles and various dynamic lines, allow skin torecover fineness and smoothness.

[ Skin Types ]  Suitable for various skin types

[ Specifications ]  0.7 fl oz (20g)


Why are eye skin problems emerging ?

As you stay up late, you are tired, stressed, and irregular in your life

Cause eye puffiness, fine lines, black eye circles, fat granules..

Eye lines / Canthus  prolapse

Dark circles / Fat particles

Eye bags/ Fine lines

Dry water shortage/ Fine lines


Three functions- Effectively addresses every single eye area concern


Reducing the appearance of eye bags & dark circles, awaking under eye area,solving under eye sagging & loss offirmness conditions, contracting puffiness and wrinkles, tightening the loose skins


Smoothing fine lines ------instantly supply your eyes with moisture,active the area around the eye,restore the resilience, somothen the fine lines


Reliving the eye fatigue ------ Infused with multiple nutrients to the skin bottom,deep moisturizing skin around the eyes, relivuingthe eye fatigue, contracting puffiness, remove dark circle.


Restoring wrinkles around eye area----- Repairing and restoring the delicate skinbarrier around your eyes,activating your eye skins with abundant nutrients,lifting


4 active ingredients and smooth fading lines 

ironing out the signs of age to revitalize and brighten eyes

What is peptide eye cream?

Can be rapidly converted into nutrition ingredients needed by cells.lalow skin cells to recover vitality like a rebirth, it effectively relievers and suppresses wrinkles and the crow"s feet around the eye, and the surrounding contractions and activities, help to relax the skin and make the skin elastic organization restore soft and smooth lines

 Acety Hexapeptide-8

Stops nerve conduction, relaxes muscles and promotes collagen rearrangement


Sodium hyaluronate
Carry more than 500 times moist for deeply moisturizing, while promoting nutrient absorption

Hydrolyzed salmon skin protein
Supplement collagen, firm skin, fade fine lines and delay aging



Nourish fragile eyes and bring  comfort and smoothness


Firm the skin around eyes  to increase the elasticity


Improve the dullness around the eyes and relieve the strain around the eyes


Effectively improve crow's   feet and fine lines under eyes


Method of Using:

1. After cleaning the face, applyappropriate amount of product onto the skin around eyes

2. Pat first and then massagewith fingertips clockwise till it is absolutely absorbed

[ Caution ] For sensitive skin, please first test it on the inside of arm before using it


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