Windshield Defender

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Scared when driving in heavy rainfall? Nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year...

With this amazing Anti-rain Windshield Wiper you get perfect visibility through your windshield even when it's raining so you reduce the chances of getting into a car crash.

This spectacular product gives you a long lasting effect up to 1 year! 

This Windshield Defender is the perfect water repellant for your car's windshield. Get a good vision while driving at night or during heavy rain.  

This can be applied to all types of vehicles and can also be used in glass shower doors, or any other glass surface



  • Increase Visibility: This water rain repellent can be applied to the windshield to drastically increase visibility in a rainy day or night.
  • Protective Film Formed: The solution forms a chemical bond with the glass unlike silicone-based products that simply coat glass. 
  • Remarkable Effect: This invisible wiper increases water repellency and causes the rain to bead up and roll off. Also snow, ice and bugs are easier to remove.
  • Long Lasting: It lasts up to 6 times longer than other products.
  • Easy to Use: One applicator treats an average size windshield. 
  • No risk: This product will not cause any damage to the glass of the car.
  • For cars and motorcycles: Perfect for all types of vehicles.


How to Use it:

  1. Use detergent to clean and dry window glass (surface oil must be removed)
  2. Squeeze the handle, open the coating and quickly wipe the whole windshield from top to bottom.
  3. After applying the solution, wait a bit and finally use towel or a paper towel to wipe the windshield dry. The water repellent will immediately become effective. 



  • Item:  Windshield Defender
  • Item Weight:25kg
  • Item Width:1.5cm
  • Item Height:10cm
  • Material Type: Wiper+Wash Cloth




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